We are sports lovers ourselves and regularly we go out together with our guests. Especially walking (f.e. sentier Martel), with the motorbike a beautiful journey into the Gorges du Verdon or the large passes of the Alps or to visit one of the beautiful cities at the Cote d’ Azure. Furthermore you can play golf on the beautiful golf court of Chateau le Taulane or well laze away at the beach of the lac de Castillon. When you want us to join you, you can safely ask us, if we can we will be glad to join.

Below you will find some of the possibilities that we can offer, ask us and we will be happy to help you.

Motorcycle tours and car trips

We drive motorbike ourselves for many years in Europe and we’ve eaten many miles, this is the best region you can imagine to drive your bike. There’s something for everyone, short and long tours, to the Mediterranean, the mountains including the highest pass of Europe, the lavender fields, Italy, everything is easy to reach from our Mas. The engine and car trips we all worked out for you as a guest in Garmin and Tom Tom, we offer you thesenas our guest for free at your disposal. There is a separate button motorbike tours, please find here more info.


Our surroundings are ideal for walks, there are many. The most famous walk that we know is the Sentier Martel , which runs through the gorges and breathtaking. We have many walks worked out for youd, all digitally, they are naturally available fot you. Some of the most famous walks include:

Le Tour du Roc, Le Tour Sentier Martel, Le Tour Sentier des Sirenes, Le Tour Sentiet Imbut, Le Tour  Cadieres de Brandis, Le Tour du Lac de Castillon.

We have a total of 22 hikes for you worked out.


In the immediate vicinity there are 2 golf courses, and Chateau Taulane Golf Club Digne les Bains. The golf courses on the coast are approximately 1 to 1.5 hour. You can buy a golfpass which you can use on several golf courses up to the mediterannee.


Castellane is located on the borders of the famous Verdon River, this river can be used for multiple sports activities including rafting, canoeing or  kayaking, hydro speed or canyoning. 

At the Lac de Castillon it is also possible to pedal (Le Scirocco) or sailing or surfing.


The great thermals there are many international competitions in the field of gliding, paragliding etc..


For the sportive cyclist there are many routes, near and far away. Popular include the Col de la Bonette (highest pass in Europe), Col de la Cayolle and the Col d’Allos.


Nearby are several riding schools where you can make lovely trips through the woods by horse.


The Verdon and the Var, 2 major rivers in our region are a paradise for fishermen, the trout is one of the most important fish you can catch. In the Lake of Castillon can pick a quiet spot and fish on the related sardine fish while enjoying the tranquility and great nature.


For the daredevils among us (please don’t ask us) are easy and difficult climbs to the highest degree possible, but of course under the guidance of experienced climbers also many opportunities to solo climbs. La Palud du Verdon is the center for these activities.


The pool of Castellane is situated about 900 meters from our house. It is a heated pool, with 3 basins and enoughspace to take a sunbath. Mattresses are available for renting. Aqua gym and swimming lessons by certified instructors.