Our Mas originated probably in the 18th century. Documents are not there (more) but to the building of the House can be derived. On the South side of the House where the apartments are located, you can see the façade of the original house two old rooflines. At the height of the first roof line we lead to the age of the House. In the course of the years, the Mas renovated, below you can see what we all have changed.


We purchased the Mas and have started with the alignment of the watercourse (garage ran every time under water), along the wall we have this connected to a drainage and drain pipes that let the water wegleidden of the House. We have Pebble for the House made for the terraces and around the House cleaned to realize more car park

2006 en 2007

After to have realized the parking spaces at the top we started with the renovation of the dining room and building room 5 above the dining room. For this we command given to a contractor, our first experience of working with French. It was difficult but in the end we got the right for each other. With the contractor Peut etre Demain we have never worked, what could go wrong went wrong and we can itself much better. Also the staircase to the garden constructed and inserted because there are many pests in the façade the façade once lived. We have the dining room together with Fons decorated with French parquet from Netherlands.

The existing sceptictank was so unsafe and had to be replaced, we also have this carried out by a French contractor and this was also the last time we went here, also worked with French have lots of error and we had overtaken by events, we learn quickly that way.